<![CDATA[HAUNTED PUGET SOUND - Furby\'s Musings]]>Mon, 05 Dec 2022 17:46:11 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Ho ho no…]]>Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:52:53 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/ho-ho-noWell, I guess it is time for that other holiday. The one with sugar n spice n KRAMPUS!
Be sure to check out KRAMPUSNACHT BREMERTON 2022 on December 2nd. You can get photos with a bunch of Krampsuses, since they will NOT be attending Leavenworth this year.  And if you want pictures with “the Mean One” head over to Enumclaw for Small business weekend November 26th 11-5pm.

I’ve taken to decorating my homestead with a 12’ skelly and Mari Lwyd. Mari Lwyd is a tradition in which a horse skull is draped in bells, ruins and colored ribbons. Each year the Mari Lwyd would be taken from house to house asking for entry via song. Once inside, Mari Lwyd would eat food and drink ale, so beware if I show up on your doorstep!
Have a safe merry Winter season
bugs n hisses     Furby
<![CDATA[Legendary Haunt Tour 2022 - Nashville]]>Tue, 15 Nov 2022 19:10:28 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/legendary-haunt-tour-2022-nashvilleIt had been a few years since I attempted a LHT and this one was a great way to restart my post Halloween tradition. My Bestie was busy with family so I ventured out on my own to Nashville TN.
Arriving a few day before the tours I was able to explore downtown Nashville, caught some live music while nomming on BBQ, visited the Gaylord Opryland Resort and learned about Nearest Green & whiskey distillation on a distillery tour.
One of the best times of LHT is the bus ride where you can connect with Haunters from all over the US. I was able to meet the master mind behind Haunters Against Hate, the reps from TicketSpice; reconnect with Scott & a crew from Georgetown Morgue, Ray from Glowing Greens, and Tater from everywhere who mixes a mean margarita!

Boarding the bus on Friday night we headed out to Maury County to experience Miller’s Thrillers where we were treated to a live band in the entertainment zone with a stage show with pyrotechnics while dining on BBQ. (Yummy!)  After the show I choose HILLBILLY HOLLAR in the haunted woods. This outdoor trail was where all manners of red necks, hicks and backwoods spirits came from the collapse of mine #7 where they met their demise. The trail was well themed, scare actors where high energy and one of the longest trails I’ve traversed. The trail was full of mysterious entities and has you weaving its way through decrypted buildings up/down several stairs ways and down a questionable slide.
Next up was Zombie Hayride Reloaded where you board a flatbed trailer and attempt to take out the quarantined horde of infected zombies under a spirited moon. What fun that was.
Back on the bus we ventured back Nashville to see Devil’s Dungeon Haunted House. This indoor haunt was chock full of animatronics and scare actors. It had one of the best ‘maze’ sequences I’ve ever been lost in and the 3D rooms had incredible act work. After surviving the haunt we gathered in the actors/makeup area to chat it up with staff & attendees.
Saturday night we headed out to Slaughterhouse in Hermitage. Slaughterhouse starts out with a Marie Laveau-ish lady ushering you into the realm of magic & mayhem. Within I found ghouls galore, Michael Myers, and plenty of eye candy. A few of the ramps could have used hand rails IMO; but the laser fog room was spot on with a talented scare actor working the room.
Back on the bus we headed to Madison where we converged in Class Axe Throwing and were treated to Tennessee Hot chicken, greens, mac n cheese and plenty of Moonshine shots. Tater was also mixing a mean margarita for any who dared. After some smoozing we walked over to Nashville Nightmare’s grounds. This large scale event hosts Midnight Mortuary, Horror High where an old condemned high school Halloween party goes wrong, Cursed Legends of the Deep shows what’s been summoned by pirates within, Vector Research’s Dr. Hades mixing it up with aliens & zombies and Outcast Carnival filled with rabid clowns. There was plenty to look at outside of the haunts and several unique character wandering around.
All in all it was a most excellent trip and I highly suggest all to attend next year!
Bugs n Hisses   
<![CDATA[The veil is thinning at Nightfall Orphanage]]>Sun, 30 Oct 2022 15:35:05 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/the-veil-is-thinning-at-nightfall-orphanageOne part of this Halloween obsession is going out of my comfort zone to experience new  haunts. So last night I got into a stranger's car (Uber) to visit a stranger's home where I attended Nightfall Orphanage in West Seattle. 
I’m sure my Mom is screeching from her grave about my reckless behavior. 👻

Nightfall Orphanage’s website tells a well crafted backstory and shows an excellent trailer video along with all the important information for your visit.
Mr. Black, the proprietor and purveyor, claims Nightfall Cemetery will emerge from the radiant twilight within.

I found several Pepper’s ghosts, a startling Regan, a classroom full of zombie kids and skelly’s galore. My favorite was the hallway of decrypted dolls.
This home haunt is extremely well done with an attention to detail rivaling the big $$ haunts.  Definitely check it out.

4544 51st Place Southwest
Seattle WA, 98116
There is NO parking at the site-see website for suggestions.

<![CDATA[Lost time is never found again. ...]]>Fri, 28 Oct 2022 14:29:14 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/lost-time-is-never-found-againI apologies for the lack of content as I have been MIA for most of the haunt season.
But I was able to travel out to the Fright Factory in Buckley with a couple that had NEVER visited last night and what a treat is was to creep through and experience it though their fresh eyes.
Each yelp and startle filled my Halloween heart, their fascination with the Werewolf was so gratifying and the exchanges between them and the scare team was so worthy.
When you have been in this business as long as I have it’s easy to forget WHY we haunters do this; It’s for the scares, the laughs and the fun we give our patrons.
So for those about to haunt into this final weekend, I applaud you.
Remember to stay hydrated, sleep when you can and eat something healthy so you can survive to do it again the next night.
And to the creature in the dark that spoke hauntingly to me, I miss you too.
Bugs n Hisses

<![CDATA[Did someone say October?!]]>Thu, 29 Sep 2022 18:47:58 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/did-someone-say-octoberThis weekend will be opening night for most haunts, be sure to check their websites for updated info and tickets.
Now go out and get your frights on!
Cinema of Horrors Haunted House Ridgefield
Fright Factory - Buckley, WA
Frighthouse Station, Tacoma
Georgetown Morgue, Seattle, WA
Haunted Forest at Grand Farm – Vaughn, WA SUNDAY NIGHT
Maris Farms Haunted Woods -Buckley, WA
My Morbid Mind Haunted House-Lacy, WA
Nightmare Factory - Salem, OR
Nile Nightmare –Mount Lake Terrace, WA
Rutledge Corn Maze, Olympia, WA
Spirit of Halloween Haunted House & Events St Helens, OR   
Stalker Farms - Snohomish, WA
ScareGrounds PDX-Portland, OR
Nightmare on Nine - Snohomish, WA 

<![CDATA[Merry Mabon]]>Wed, 21 Sep 2022 14:38:29 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/merry-mabonFall has arrived in the PNW and the trees are taking notice.  It’s time for soup and apple crisps;               
for tombstones, ghosts & 12’ skeletons in the yard;  for pumpkin patches and HAUNTED HOUSES!!
I’m super excited for my grandsons to visit as we will be exploring the oh so haunted Fort Worden and baking up some Pizza Skulls.    It’s all about the simple things that keeps this ol’ crone happy.
How will you be ushering in the change of seasons?
Bugs n Hisses
<![CDATA[Merrily we roam around ♪ ♫ ♪]]>Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:32:22 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/merrily-we-roam-aroundIt’s almost FALL; my favorite season. 🍂   🎃   🍁
Cool nights, warm sunny afternoons and PSLs at all coffee stands. ☕️
I’m still updating the 2022 haunt list and adding some fun ‘do at home’ stuff for those crafty types and planning which events to hit this season.
Let me know if you have any ‘must see’ haunts!
Bugs n Hisses
<![CDATA[Oh what a year it has been…]]>Wed, 03 Aug 2022 14:52:42 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/oh-what-a-year-is-has-beenSorry for the lack of content, but 2022 has got me running in circles.
Life, Family and the Job have me busy with little time for my passion-Halloween!
But here are a few notes for this year- - - 
After attending West Coast Halloween Convention I realized that they could use some more classes and trade show merch, so count this as a call to action to all you spooky types!
Got a skill you can teach? Crafty wares to sell?  Contact Ed Roberts (info@hauntersconvention.com) and tell them Furby sent you.

With Covid still around and now Monkey pox lurking, Haunt season will continue to be fluid, but I believe there will be a great haunt season.
None traditional layouts, timed ticketing and more outdoor events can be the key to keeping staff safe and guests happily-scared. I was able to visit a few drive through haunts last season and they were a blast and look forward to hitting the drive in interactive movie event this season.

I will get to update the Haunt Listings for 2022 in early September and still plan of attending Legendary Haunt Tour in November. (more info on this WHEN they update the web site)

 Keep cool this summer and let me know what props and or costume designs you are working on.
Bugs n hisses
<![CDATA[2022 Strange times indeed]]>Sat, 15 Jan 2022 15:06:18 GMThttp://hauntedpugetsound.com/furbys-musings/2022-strange-times-indeedAs we start off this New Year the promise of better times lurk within the frozen landscape of the PNW.
More conventions are slated to be held with in person attendance, unlike 20/21.
Each of you will still need to assess your comfort level for large group attendance, and be willing to conform to all the rules in place with PCS testing/ Vaccine proof and mask wearing.
I, for one, am skipping the big shows back east again this year, but will happily be running amuck in Portland for my fav con- West Coast Halloween Convention!
West Coast Halloween Convention is local, has classes, a tradeshow area, a haunt tour and a kick ass Costume Ball. And the host hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland has a13th Floor where all the cool ghouls hang out. Come join in the fun and we’ll swap stories over a beverage.
Stay safe out there-
Bugs n Hisses